Now that Power Season 3 is in full swing, it's becoming increasingly obvious that things are far from stable in the world of James "Ghost" St. Patrick, and episode two was full of unexpected twists.

Like any good episode of Power, Angela and James are seen tussling under the covers as the credits roll. But the couple wasn't exploring new forms of kama sutra; a restless Jamie and Angela are tossing between the sheets out of stress and frustration. And they aren't frustrated with one another--but by Lobos, who seems to embody the concept of natural selection.

After learning that Lobos' survived the hit he orchestrated, Ghost contacts his lawyer to obtain Felipe Lobos' location. His attorney is onvinced Lobos is dead thanks to Angela and the United States D.A.'s office, James assures hm that Lobos is alive. Aside from witness protection, James' lawyer tells him it's possible that the government could have implemented a "John Doe," which makes someone appear completely dead to the public. Ghost's high-powered attorney clearly knows more about Ghost and his situation than he lets on.

But in this episode, nothing is what it seems.

As Tommy faces death threats from Lobos' henchmen (last week he found his dog Belle dead in the middle of the kitchen), he's quickly realizing that he can't survive in the streets alone. And while Holly is doing everything she can to make herself useful to the team, Tommy wants someone he can trust and fully knows the business to help him get his finances and powdery product back on the legal track. Enter Tasha St. Patrick, with Holly's meddling help of course. But while Tasha is entertaining Holly's request to keep Tommy alive, clean and out of jail, Angela's new boss is very adamant about letting Lobos go with no evidence against Ghost. A federal agent wouldn't actively lead his team in a search in the wrong direction unless he's being paid off by the other side. And surprise, surprise, he is in fact being paid off by #TeamLobos; except, it's more like he's working for his freedom than being paid for his work.

Meanwhile, Tommy listens to Ghost's message and agrees to meet to discuss business underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Ghost arrives on time, calmly waiting for Tommy, but Tommy never shows. At least that's what Ghost thinks. But the truth is Tommy was in complete shooting range, aiming at his former best friend's head like a target. But they were friends, and Tommy just couldn't go through with it.

As Tommy's attempting to assassinate Ghost, Tasha is busy making a house call to her estranged husband's new residence. Her children are getting ready to meet Angela for the first time, and see their father for first time since their parents separation. After Tasha schools Angie on how to take care of her children, she looks at her romantic rival and says, "You wanted him, you wanted them. Okay? You better be sure you're ready for this." We then see Tasha sitting at home alone for the first time in what seems like a lifetime.

But is anyone else wondering where Tasha's mother went?

Tariq is angry at his dad for cheating on his mom; and finds himself curiously rummaging through Angela's things and comes across her gun. Dre is tired of being left out of the loop and confronts Ghost about the bloody card he found in James' desk. He visits the old hood where he's asked to steal the cash from the club--which we now know is still named Truth. Tommy is running away clients, and people are threatening to find new connects because Tommy can't deliver. Ghost is making enemies with other nightclub owners; Angie finds out the man allegedly responsible for Lobos' "death" was murdered in prison and automatically blames Jamie - she just hasn't told him yet.

And here's some food for thought: Holly was missing at the end of last week's episode when Tommy came home and found Belle covered in blood. There were plenty of possibilities as to where Holly could have gone - the go-to being she was kidnapped and being help for ransom, or she ran away - but did it ever occur to anyone that money-hungry Holly is cheating on Tommy? The idea wasn't obvious to the unfocused viewer, but to true fans glued to their television for all 58 minutes, Tommy definitely made a comment about Holly's "cheating" ways. And if Holly is indeed cheating, the question is, with who? (Here is where you cue up your DVR and begin to clean out old shows so you can have plenty of room for episode three.)


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