According to recent reports, police are still investigating the cause of the 2008 blaze that burned down 50 Cent's 5,200 square foot Long Island mansion.

The $1.4 million Long Island, N.Y. home, where 50's estranged baby's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins and their son Marquis resided, burned to the ground in May 2008, after 50 attempted to have Tompkins evicted on grounds that she had allowed another man to inhabit the home. A local fire chief called the fire "suspicious," and arson squad investigators were immediately called to consult, but still no verdict has been made as to the cause of the blaze.

Though six people were treated for minor injuries at nearby Huntington Hospital, no one was severely injured and 50 eventually walked away from the property, selling the vacant, .86 acre lot for $365,000, a fraction of what he purchased it for.

"They're going to build something hopefully along the lines of what was there before -- something really nice," the listing agent Jonathan Rosenzweig, of Diversified RI Real Estate, explained.

Police say they are still looking into the cause of the fire, which at one point was blamed on 50's former assistant.

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