In light of the NBA's recent decision to serve Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime ban, rappers Plies and Cassidy have expressed their thoughts on the situation through their songs.

Both rappers addressed the 81-year-old owner and the racist comments he made in an exposed audio tape, leaked to TMZ and other websites.

On the abrasive 'Donald Sterling: Racist Muthaf---a,' Plies compares Mr. Sterling to a modern day slave master.

"Said you made us mutherf---a? Nah, we made you,” he spits, adding, "You just grind our f---ing wave, until our value is gone, smile in a n----'s face and talk s--- when you get home."

Meanwhile, Cassidy throw a lyrical dart at Mr. Sterling while spitting his freestyle over a remix of Future’s 'Move That Dope.'

"The Clippers owner Donald Sterling should get the hell smacked / How the man don’t like n----s when most of the Clippers the hell black? / Well if that’s the case, then racism ain’t over yet," he raps. "The people need to boycott ’cause that s--- was lame / That’s hatred, if you not racist, you should never go to a Clippers game."

Plies and Cassidy's diss songs follow behind several rappers reactions to Donald Sterling being banned from the NBA. Both Diddy and Rick Ross have expressed interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers franchise.

Listen to Cassidy's 'Move That Dope' (Freestyle)

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