Pitbull brings another one of his dance smashes to life in the video for 'International Love,' a track off his sixth studio album 'Planet Pit.' Mr. Worldwide teams with a blond Chris Brown for the visuals, which feature curvaceous women, pops of bright color and complex dance moves.

Directed by David Rousseau, Pit moves from local Miami staple to global phenomenon. While he's still Mr. 305 at heart, he's earned a new title: Mr. Worldwide. In the clip, the rap star shows off his fondness for finely tailored suits, as does CB.

He opens the video with lines replete with big cash boasting and hometown repping. "You can't catch me boy/ I'm overseas, about a 100 G's for sure/ Don't test me boy/ 'Cause I rap with the best for sure/ 305 'til the death of me/ Cremate my body, let the ocean have what's left of me," he rhymes.

Brown serves up a chorus with, "You put it down like New York City/ I never sleep/ Wild like Los Angeles/ My fantasy/ Hotter than Miami/ I feel the heat/ Ohh, Miss International Love."

Check out Pitbull's quest for worldwide romance and domination below.

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