Paul Wall is famous for repping Houston and his diamond-encrusted grills. The “Sittin’ Sidewayz” rapper, who runs his own grills shop with partner Johnny Dang, wants to outfit the American Olympians with free custom grills.

According to, Wall and Dang want to give the U.S. athletes who won gold medals during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio with bling-y grills. The luxurious mouthpieces will be in 18 karat gold and feature the Olympic logo etched into the grills.

This isn't the first time Wall and Dang has made a grill for an Olympian. Swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is currently caught up in his own Rio scandal, had a gold grill made especially for him by Dang in 2012.

If all of the Olympians take up Wall and Dang's offer, it will be a big order because the United States won a total of 121 medals. Salute to the Olympians!

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