While it was widely believed that Drake was the target of Kendrick Lamar's venomous rhymes in the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, an alternative theory soon arose that K. Dot was actually firing back at Papoose for his 'Control' response.

One blog commenter suggested that Kendrick's "Haha! Joke's on you" line was a reply to Pap's "we laughing at you like hehehe" line on his aforementioned 'Control' remake. Papoose also spit, "My bullets hit ‘em dead in his cooty," while Kendrick rapped, "High-five, I’m bulletproof." Apparently, there's such a thing as Papoose pajamas, too.

The Bed-Stuy MC, of course, bought into the argument (a free sniff at publicity? He's not going to pass up on that!) and got on the phone with XXL to share his thoughts on what he believes was a verse solely aimed at him.

Pap called Kendrick's freestyle "comical" and stressed the fact fantasy that he "looked at the majority and they were saying he was going at me." He then claimed that the guy who many consider to be the greatest rapper of his generation will "never be able to shine my shoes, lyrically." You can read his simply indescribable statement below:

Yeah yeah, he can’t f--k with me. He’ll never be able to shine my shoes, lyrically. So I’m just gonna be able to continue to prove that, to show and prove, like I did on 'Control.' This is hip-hop, I love hip-hop, but I just want to continue to show and prove that he can’t f--k with me lyrically. You can look forward to that in my next release, straight up. I live in the studio, that’s my second home. So yeah, I’m definitely going to respond.

So we guess a "thank you for bringing me out on stage at Summer Jam and reviving what struggle-stenched career I had left, Kendrick" is out of the question.