Los Angeles collective Odd Future once again ran afoul of Boston police, who shut down their concert last night (March 21), and reportedly arrested a member of the group.

Following lost member Earl Sweatshirt's live debut in New York Tuesday (March 20), Tyler, the Creator and co. performed at famed Beantown venue House of Blues Wednesday night (March 21). Their set was cut short once again, presumably due to the arrest of OFWGKTA crew member Lionel, outside of the venue.

"So you guys don't think we're dicks. I was about to finish the song, 'cause y'all paid money, but the promoter cut us off -- the owner of the club. We wanted to finish but the owner of the club made us turn it off and the police are right there," Tyler exclaimed, to the crowd's dismay. "Calm down. Calm down. Now, before I go, because I probably gotta bail this n---- out..."

Then, as the stage lights went off, the mics were cut, and the group was left standing on stage silently, raising their arms, with the crowd cheering in support, while attempting to exit, due to the threat of the notoriously hostile Boston police presence.

In addition to Lionel's arrest, Jasper Dolphin was reportedly restrained by security, while attempting to jump from the balcony, and reportedly smoking a joint that was tossed on stage.

As you may recall, Tyler had a similar run-in with Boston police, after "inciting a riot" during an appearance at Boston's Newbury Comics last year, but we doubt last night's events will stop the group from attempting a return.

Watch Odd Future's Boston Show Get Shut Down by Police

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