Queens native Noreaga may have dropped his newest album 'The War Report 2: Report the War' with his partner-in-rhyme Capone, as part of the duo C-N-N, but he's already back on the solo grind. The emcee recently recorded a vlog announcing his upcoming sixth solo album, 'Super Thug,' which is also the name of his first major hit released in 1998.

The LP, which was formerly titled 'N.O.R.E. Pt. 2: Born Again,' has already spawned its first single, 'Nutcracker.' The Scoop Deville-produced track, which samples Public Enemy's 'Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man,' was released to the Internet earlier this week, sporting a grittier sound than some of the more pop-oriented fare he released earlier in his career.

Though there is currently no release date set for the album, it will be his first official LP since the 2009 release of 'S.O.R.E.,' a collection of tracks that he denounced prior to the album hitting shelves. "I wanted people to know that the 'S.O.R.E.' album, the album that's out in stores, I have absolutely nothing to do with all of those songs,' he said in a vlog, stating that the record label compiled the album by pulling loose tracks off the Internet. "The real 'N.O.R.E. Pt. 2: Born Again' is being made as we speak, and it's coming soon."

N.O.R.E.'s latest album, 'The War Report 2: Report the War,' was released earlier this month under the moniker C-N-N with his frequent collaborator Capone. The duo's fourth studio joint failed to make a dent on the charts, landing at No. 98 in its first week of release with only 4,700 copies sold.