No Plug is claiming self defense in the killing of Bankroll Fresh.

In an interview with Vlad TV, No Plug relays that prior to Fresh's death, he got into an altercation with the late rapper.

"He caused the situation to happen," said No Plug while sitting next to stacks of cash. "He came out with his gun and s---. And s--- happened. He came out playing with the s---. He fired a shot and s--- happened. We pulled off. He ended up dead. That's as simple as s--- was. S--- was that simple. He pulled the gun. Shot the mothaf----. Couple shots got fired back. He got hit. I leave. Next thing you know, folks calling me saying 'Fresh dead.'"

"Well I didn't see when he shot, but a hole hit the backdoor of the vehicle I was in...I was sitting in the car when he fired the shot," he said. "So, when he fired the shot, shots was fired back. And I left...It was crazy s--- going on."

Bankroll Fresh was shot-and-killed back in March. Several of his music industry friends including 2 Chainz, Zaytoven and Metro Boomin took to social media to mourn the artist.

Check out the full interview with No Plug in the video above.

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