It's been announced that Bankroll Fresh, the Atlanta rapper that was tragically gunned down back in March 2016, has new music coming this year.

Specifically, a new single produced by Evil 6, "Truth Be Told" will arrive on Tues., Jan. 10. Since his untimely death, rappers and producers alike have paid tribute to Bankroll, who was a rising star on the Atlanta music scene. Meek Mill, 2 Chainz and Earl Sweathsirt are among those that expressed grief over the rapper's death. Atlanta producer Metro Boomin' in particular had a lot to say about Bankroll following his murder.

“They took my brother Fresh and I’m hurt right now. very hurt,” he wrote on Instagram last year. “Hurt is the only thing that’s been on my mind and heart since I was in magic last night. hurt was on my mind and heart when I woke up this morning. u always wanted to see niggas do good and be good. u used to tell us that once you good then we good and that you would do things the right way and not like the rest of these n----s."

Stay tuned for more announcement concerning new music from Bankroll.



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