It was one year ago today (March 4) that Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed outside of Street Execs studio in Atlanta. But Bankroll’s legacy will be remembered in a new project that’s set for release this spring.

According to XXL, the late rhymer’s family is preparing a posthumous album titled In Bank We Trust, which is tentatively set to arrive in stores on April 24. Bankroll’s mother, Terisa Price, says they are still working on the album.

"We’re gonna have some features on there from different other artists that’s out," she tells XXL. "But we’re working on it now and we were just in the studio the other day and we’ve got a hot song that’s gonna be a single. I named it ‘A Hell of a Night.’ I named ‘Dirty Game’ and I named ‘Truth Be Told,’ I named those songs. I think it’s highly anticipated.”

Price wouldn't disclose the guest features on the project but feels the album will be a great representation of his life's work. In addition, Bankroll's mother will keep her son's name alive with the newly-minted Bankroll Fresh Foundation, that will assist in giving back to the community.

“I started a foundation, Bankroll Fresh Foundation, and I have different looks that I’ve put together with friends or with K. Rich or people we know doing things within that realm," she says. "Also, we’ve got stuff that’s brewing, trying to get a lot of stuff out there. I’ve been thinking about doing a children’s clothing line starting with my grandson and granddaughter if I can get that chance."

“It’s not about me, Ken, or nobody else, it’s about these children," she added. "That’s what we’re trying to do, make it happen for them. Street Money Apparel, we’re doing the hoodies and socks and just some things to put out within Street Money, so we’ve got a lot of stuff we’re putting together, but we’re not rushing and we not going nowhere. We here.”

Peep the cover art to In Bank We Trust above and watch Bankroll Fresh explain his definition of what a "Trappa" is below.

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