Nipsey Hussle has inundated the mixtape circuit with a staggering amount of releases over the past few years in anticipation of his debut 'South Central State of Mind.' But after diligently building his buzz, the Cali rapper is putting off his first official full-length indefinitely. Nipsey recently announced that he will not release the LP until it's perfect, with plans to tide fans over by putting out another mixtape 'The Marathon' on Dec. 21.

"South central state of mind has been indefinitly [sic] postponed. I'm droping [sic] "The Marathon" on 12 21 2010," wrote the L.A. native on his Twitter page. "I'll explain because yall matter to me: SOUTH CENTRAL STATE OF MIND IS MY MASTERPEICE. When its done u will get it. Untill then #TMC."

Nip explained that it wasn't a decision that his label made, and that it was a matter of perfecting the material at hand. "This is not my labels decision, its a creative move to ensure that I give my true believers my best offering on my debut album," he continued. "My life has been such a struggle, and I always said if I ever make it to where I am now I would do it from the heart."

The LP was originally slated for release on Oct. 19, and was led by the single 'Feelin Myself.' 'South Central' is set to feature guest appearances from Drake, Lloyd, Snoop Dogg and more as well as production from Scott Storch, The Runners, DJ Khalil and more.

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