Music aside, one of the most interesting facets of hip-hop is the moniker one adopts when they become a rapper. Much like Snoop Dogg, one of the most prominent MCs hailing from Long Beach, CA, Nipsey Hussle's presence makes his stage name all the more interesting.

So, when the rapper stopped by our offices a few months ago to play some music, he didn't hesitate to give us the story behind his name.

"I was a young dude so I didn't really know anything about Nipsey Russell. One of my older homeys threw that on me. We were all in the studio one day and I came in the studio and I had 7 grams of kush, a big bottle and a bucket of chicken for everybody," Nipsey told the BoomBox.

While we're not sure if the late Nipsey Russell would've approved of the rapper's studio provisions, Nipsey assured us that the "supplies" were his way of supporting fellow up-and-coming MCs.

"I was the youngest dude. I was like 16. And everybody had gone broke doing this music for months at a time. You know everybody was getting their money in the streets, [but] when you're absent from the block for a couple months you're gonna be tapped out. And that was the situation," the rapper explained.

"So everybody was short and I came and the studio and revived the spirit for the next couple of weeks. As small as it seems, you don't have no weed and you trying to record ... you don't have no drink, no food, you're in the studio it can f--- up your session." Makes sense.

Listen to 'Bullets Ain't Got No Name'

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