Nipsey Hussle is West Coast-bred.

The Los Angeles native is featured in the latest episode of Boost Mobile’s #WhereYouAt series, and he breaks down the nuances of L.A. hip-hop and the culture that birthed it. 

"L.A. hip-hop is so different," Hussle says--before clarifying: "I mean, it's so diverse--it's so many different styles to L.A. hip-hop. The main draw that you can hear immediately and know it's West Coast is the music. Out here, it's like funk-inspired; it's like 70s skating rink inspired, at times; it's like Roger & Zapp-inspired. It's like house party era-inspired, the production."

Hussle has been repping for Cali hip-hop ever since he was putting his indie mixtapes over a decade ago. The rapper was born and raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles and he worked hard to speak to and for his culture--and he understands the musical history to which he's indebted. 

"Battlecat from over here," Nipsey explains. "He probably one of the biggest names to come from over here. Kurupt, when he came from Philly, ended coming to this community and being embraced and really showing love and building a bridge over here also. So this is like Kurupt's l.A. home as well. So just everything about growing up in L.A. influenced my music. It's a L.A. story, you know what I mean? I really wanted my music to be a honest, proper representation of this community and this culture."

And it's made Nipsey Hussle who he is. 

"It definitely played a big part in the brewing pot of my creativity." 

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