Nipsey Hussle is opening The Marathon Clothing flagship store in the neighborhood he grew up in, and he released a documentary about it. At the start of the clip, you'll hear some acapella bars from Nipsey's cut "Long Winded" with Young Thug and Mozzy.

"Long winded, running through this life like it was mine / Never settling but setting every goal high / One thousand burpees on the path to my own destruction or success/ But what is the mistake without the lesson? / See, the best teacher in life is your own experience/ None of us know who we are until we fail / They say a man is defined by his reaction to any given situation / Well, who would you want to define you? Someone else?" says Nipsey.

Some of his friends talk about opening the store, and how their neighborhood has changed over the years. There's also the rapper's music spliced in and out of the clip so all in all, it's very well put together. If anything, the documentary is even more proof that the 31-year-old has chosen the perfect name for himself in "Hussle," because he's one of the more enterprising rappers in the game.

If you've noticed, Nipsey hasn't ever latched on to another rapper's crew or movement, and he's always had a do-it-yourself approach to success, which others can definitely learn from. Remember when he dropped his Crenshaw album and charged $100 for it? It just so happened that Jay Z bought 100 copies, just because he liked the idea.

The Marathon Clothing flagship store opens on Saturday, June 17, and the address is 3420 W. Slauson Ave # F, Los Angeles, Calif. 90043. You can also watch the entire documentary above.

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