Nipsey Hussle just learned the hard way that you shouldn't mess with the women of black Twitter.

After a Twitter user by the name of @1FlyMexican tweeted, "BLACC FEMALES R A DISGRACE TO BLACC CULTURE," with a bunch of laughing emojis, the West Coast rapper readily agreed.

"I can't retweet that but I'm LMAO TRU s---," tweeted the "Feelin' Myself" rhymer. He continued the conversation after the man who he refers to as a comedian wrote, "Bro I'm bout to start dating outside my race lmao." Nipsey's reply? "S/O Tha real black queens out here tho we SEE yall,"

Then, all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Even though Nipsey attempted to save himself by shouting out the "real black queens," it was too late.

"A rapper named Nipsey Hussle agrees that BW are a disgrace to black culture. Sweetie, your demographic and your career--wave to it," tweeted a woman named Morgan Jenkins.

"I WOULD be completely disappointed in Nipsey Hussle if it weren't for the fact I never held him in any regard anyways. That was just plain dumb," tweeted Dart Adams.

The Crenshaw, Calif. native has since released a string of apologies on Twitter.

"Wrong is wrong and I'll take responsibility and apologize to all my black women that were offended by it," he wrote. "Never want to portray someone who thinks its cool to disrespect our mothers, sisters and more importantly our bacc bone As acceptable..."

Check out Nipsey Hussle's tweets (and the reactions) along with his ongoing apology below.



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