Up-and-coming Cali MC Nipsey Hussle's film debut will likely hit stores before his album does.

Nipsey, who has received co-signs by Snoop Dogg and Game, has already wrapped his first feature film, 'Wrath of Cain,' which features veteran actor Ving Rhames of 'Pulp Fiction' fame and fellow MC Gillie Da Kid, and begins filming his second feature shortly.

"['Wrath of Cain'] is basically a penitentiary-type movie, we shot it all in L.A ... in an old prison in Los Angeles called Sybil Brand," Nipsey said. "We just wrapped, they just finishing the edit on that and we working on another film called 'Spanish Harlem.' We gone [film] 'Spanish Harlem' in New York."

The rapper previously reported to XXL that he was excited about acting, because the subject of the film was so close to his heart.

"As soon as I heard what the movie was about I could relate to it and knew I wanted to be a part of it," he explained. "Not because it was about gang banging but because of what the story line and plot represented, which was a Blood and Crip that turned out to be brothers and wound up f------ with each other because of the trials and tribulations they went through in the streets. The movie was some real life s--- because the division that gets created in the streets between red and blue means nothing at the end of the day because you're all men when it's all said and done."

Nipsey also recently appeared on the "We Are the World: 25 for Haiti" tribute. His album, 'South Central State of Mind,' is set for a summer release. 'Wrath of Cain' has no official release date, but you can check out the trailer below.

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