Since the release of their second album, 'Nicole and Natalie,' last year, Nina Sky has been a bit quiet. However, the twin sisters are back with a big banger of a track called 'Overtime.'

With all the sassy and sultry tunes out there, the singing pair are adding their take on lovemaking to the mix -- all with R&B flavor. Produced by Slimmy Neutron, the song is hard enough to make you want to bounce but smooth enough to flow into its groove. The ladies are working overtime with no complaints.

"Day and night / Yeah, I mean it when I say I'm right... Always be around when you need it / Tell me what you like, how you feeling / Morning, noon and night, I'll love you better," they sing on the sensual ode.

There's no word yet on a new album, but we're sure this is just a taste of what's to come from the dynamic duo.

Listen to Nina Sky's 'Overtime'

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