Singing duo Nina Sky have weathered the storm of label mishaps and emerged stronger. Twin sisters Nicole and Natalie Albino released a new song Thursday (Feb. 2) off their forthcoming album, aptly titled 'Nicole & Natalie.' The track, 'Day Dreaming,' is a mid-tempo groove that finds the singers cooing about an intoxicating relationship.

Produced by Beau Vallis, the sexy number begs for ladies to pull the object of their affection closer. "Nobody can say that we're dishonest/ What's going on between us is so harmless/ A private affair just me and you/ Don't gotta be scared with what we do," Natalie sings.

The Queens native have filmed a video for the effort, which is set to debut later this month.

Eight years ago, they dropped their first self-titled album, spawning the reggae-inspired jam 'Move Ya Body.' Since then, they've collaborated with a who's who of entertainers. N.O.R.E., The Alchemist, Diplo, Ryan Leslie, Rick Ross and Salaam Remi are just a few of the big names they've joined forces with in the studio. In 2010, Nina Sky debuted 'The Other Side,' an eight-song EP that featured songs like 'You Ain't Got It (Funk Dat),' produced by DJ Yonny.

Listen to Nina Sky's 'Day Dreaming'

Watch Nina Sky in The Alchemist & Prodigy's 'Hold You Down' Video

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