It’s been awhile since we heard from Nina Sky, but they're back with a new song just in time for the smoker’s holiday 4/20. Based on the title, you would think the song is about getting high. Well, not quite. 'Stoners' is a hallucinating love ballad.

Produced by Sky Ndgo, the song boasts a throbbing beat with hazy synths tailor-made for the clubs.

On the track, the R&B duo sings the praises of a lover who keeps them high on love -- no rolling papers needed.

"A night cap on a long work day / One hit straight to your face / So stoned from the love we make / A hangover that you can take," they coo together on the song.

On the chorus, Nina Sky sings, "Feeling like being a stoners / Take a trip like this / You keep me higher than a spaceship flyin' / No stoners / Just take a trip like this / There's no denying I'm addicted to your kiss."

Smoke DZA, aka the Kush God, comes through to drop a weeded-out rhyme where he metaphorically compares toking on a joint to love-making.

If you have any romantic plans on 4/20, play this song and take flight with Nina Sky.

Listen to Nina Sky's 'Stoners' Feat. Smoke DZA