Look out Juicy J! R&B duo Nina Sky gets trippy in a new video for their hallucinating love ballad 'Stoners.'

Directed by Blizzedout x Feebzz, sisters Natalie and Nicole Albino take viewers on a psychedelic ride through the streets of New York as they sing their alluring lyrics.

"A night cap on a long work day / One hit straight to your face / So stoned from the love we make / A hangover that you can take,” they coo together.

They travel to Harlem to meet up with Smoke DZA who is dressed head to toe in Polo gear. The Kush God then sparks up his weeded-out rhymes for the lovely duo.

“The video was about portraying the song’s psychedelic vibe instead of building a storyline,” Natalie told Dazed about the video's concept. “We wanted the viewer to feel that stoned feeling.”

Mission Accomplished.