R&B singer Monica is honoring the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen in her latest video, 'Everything to Me.' The track was produced by Missy Elliott and is the first single from her upcoming album, 'Still Standing,' due on March 23.

"My stylist, Marni, she is just the biggest fan of his, as I am," Monica tells The BoomBox of McQueen, who passed away on Feb. 11 of an apparent suicide. "We shot the video for 'Everything to Me' and every [McQueen] piece that I tried on just seemed like it was created specifically for me. It's hard for me sometimes to find clothes because I'm slim but I'm very tall, so length can be an issue. Anytime I purchase something of Alexander McQueen's, it's the total opposite -- so in the video you'll see lots and lots of shots of me in just one piece after another of his."

With looks including a flowing black-and-white houndstooth blouse, a tight Asian-inspired red gown, and a black leather jacket accented with a classic Michael Jackson t-shirt, the McQueen pieces in 'Everything to Me' are spectacular and highly compliment the dramatic, cinematic tone of the Benny Boom-directed video, which Monica explains was inspired by the Beyonce and Idris Elba movie 'Obsessed.'

"The day of his death is the day that I reviewed the first tape of the video, so we were in the editing process," she says, "We shot the video about a week prior, and we were in the editing process when I found out. We were just really upset to hear of his death and I dedicated the video to him because of it."

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