Apparently, someone tried to stop Mistah F.A.B.'s grind, but they didn't know how resilient he is.

Last week, the rapper's Oakland clothing store Dope Era was set on fire by what looks to be arsonists. This was shortly after F.A.B. dropped his song "Dear Mr. President," which questioned Donald Trump and his policies. At this time, however, there haven't been any tangible connections to the release of the song and the store being burned.

"The burden of hatred burns eternally, and whatever a person does, he/she will be held accountable for their actions. The shop was burned this morning," wrote F.A.B. on Instagram.

He also ripped the arsonists for burning the apartment homes above his store that displaced children and their families. Thankfully, the rapper's family, friends, fans and sympathizers have contributed a GoFundMe page to get his store back to original form, and the repairs have already begun.

"Operation bring back. The rebuild," wrote F.A.B. "Thank you to my cousin @zeem52 and countless others who have contributed and are contributing to helping us restore the store. The era is dope."

If you like, you can also contribute to the store's GoFundMe page here, which to date has close to $2,500. You can also see the rapper talk about his store in the clips above and below.

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