Arguably, President Donald Trump has become one of the most polarizing political figures America has ever seen. In Mistah F.A.B’s new video for “Dear Mr. President,” he hits the streets of Oakland to ask 45 some important questions.

In the visual above, the Bay Area legend -- wearing his controversial Everybody Vs. Trump T-shirt -- wants to know why President Trump is not helping out the poor and disenfranchised. We know the answer, but let F.A.B speak his peace.

"Dear President, on behalf of the poor / I am writin' you a letter, hope it hits your front door / If you do happen to read it, I just hope you don't ignore / You still got money for war but can't feed the poor," he raps, adding, "Mr. President, if you open, can you come and sit with us? / At least try to explain why the police keep killin' us."

F.A.B joins a list of rappers who have slammed President Trump for his lack of leadership since stepping into the Oval Office. Eminem's blistering anti-Trump freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards continues to be the most-talked about moment at the event.

But let's not forget that YG was the first rapper to call out Agent Orange, uh, we mean President Trump on the in-your-face track "F--- Donald Trump" featuring Nipsey Hussle.

Check out Mistah F.A.B's video above.

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