Mistah F.A.B. just released a heartfelt song called "Dear Mr. President," where he addresses his concerns with the new administration and asks Donald Trump what he'll do for poor people.

"Penitentiaries built up, schools steady tore down / Take the riches from the rich man, envision life poor now / Communities is filled with drugs / Corners covered by the thugs / Homeless man lives in the streets / No blankets, covers or a rug," he spits.

Then later he asks Trump about Mexico.

"Tell us now, be for real, what's your beef with Mexico? / You think building up a wall will really send a message, though? / Drug prices finna soar, the streets gonna get so messy, bro / Murder rate gonna rise, like gas at Texaco," rhymes the Oakland spitter.

You can listen to the new cut below.

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