This past Sunday, Oakland Raiders football  player Marshawn Lynch was photographed wearing a T-shirt that read “Everybody vs. Trump” before his game. The image quickly went viral on social media. The creator of the tee was Bay Area rap vet Mistah F.A.B of his Oakland, Calif.-based company Dope Era Clothing.

For the record, the “Everybody vs.” slogan is not a new concept. The original creators of it are from Detroit and their company is called Detroit Vs Everybody.

According to Mistah F.A.B, he was trying to make a statement with the tee, not infringe on anyone’s copyrights.

“We didn’t want to infringe or disrespect anyone with the 'Everybody vs.,' we just wanted to give it our twist to it,” Mistah F.A.B told the East Bay Express. “Who’s our biggest adversary today in America, Trump, for allowing to uphold the policies that pose suppression. Silence sides with the suppressor."

Mistah F.A.B said he gave the shirt to Lynch (who is his cousin) two days prior to the game and asked him to wear it. “You never know with him, when you don’t think he is gonna do something he does it,” F.A.B said. “He shares the same sentiment we do. He’s a rebel. He’s a great individual. He wasn’t trying to do it for an uproar.”

Mistah F.A.B's "Everybody vs TRUMP" T-shirts are completely sold out and he's not making anymore. “You could definitely feel the impact of his influence,” he said. “We got a lot of people supporting this movement."

Although the T-shirt has inspired knokofffs, Mistah F.A.B said he's not looking to get rich off the notoriety. Instead, he hopes that it galvanizes people to organize and build a unified front against the current administration.

“Our message is not to promote fashion,” he said. “We want to continue to galvanize and organize the community and let people know that together we are far more powerful than separated.”

Recently, Mistah F.A.B went on his Instagram to reiterate that's he wasn't trying to take credit for "Everybody vs." concept. He implored people to come together in solidarity to battle against the powers that be. "Because I'm aware of the power in the people and what we can do united...THIS IS BIGGER THAN A SHIRT AND A BRAND," he wrote.

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