To begin the season finale, the talented Miss Cherry made an early exit when she lost a street battle in a parking lot full of bumping lowriders. Though she got her licks in, calling Rece "Wonderwoman" and saying "Rece, this is gone with the wind/Sorta like your mom's career," Serch and YoYo chose Byata and Rece Steele (who climbed on top of a lowrider and bodied everything she could see), to advance to the final. And so, a ruby-red lowrider chariot with "Step Off" detailing pulled up and carried Miss Cherry home.

Back at the Fembessy, Rece and Byata were joined by, whose entrance caused Byata to go ballistic. They each kicked a few bars for the entertainer, and Byata used the opportunity to show off her new Scatman/Fergie influenced style. "That's hot," he responded. "I want to produce that." Will then gave her a hug (?) and bounced. No Tequila was ganked this time around. Byata then proceeded to scream about how "talented" she is, to which, Rece rolled her eyes, because she can actually rap.

For the final challenge, the girls performed on a stage in front of an L.A. crowd, backed by live band Breakestra. Serch and YoYo introduced the guest judges, President of Violator Management, Mona Scott and Missy Elliot, and the ladies got down to business.

As usual, Rece murdered her verse. Byata came out on stage dressed like a newsboy and announced "You guys are beautiful, feeling ya energy, I'm loving it" etc. and kicked a pretty weak 16 where she likened her sweetness to ice cream. She finished with some confounding adlibs coming off like a rapping Jehovah's witness before launching into her underwhelming original song. Rece killed her performance, running through her verses with tons of energy and confidence. The crowd reacted with cheers and shouts, while Byata added some background adlibs. Note: when in competition, never a good look to be the other MC's hype man.

The judges deliberated for a moment, wherein Serch defended Byata and was hilariously scolded by Mona Scott. When it was finally decision time, the judges handed Rece Steele the $100,000 award and golf visor for life.

To cap off the surreal, entertaining season, Kool Keith came out and sang a short ditty, by which we mean he literally sang the title of the show and made some hand gestures. In all seriousness, here's hoping there's another season for Ego Trip- we can't wait to see what kinds of rappers they find to compete next (white people? Women? Crazy!).