Melanie Fiona recently spoke with The BoomBox about her new album, 'The MF Life,' due March 20, and during the exclusive interview, she touched on how she experienced a "bad breakup" while recording the project. The Toronto native never mentioned the man who broke her heart, but the NY Post has. 'CSI:Miami' actor Adam Rodriguez seems to be significant other who Fiona wrote many of her songs about.

A source reveals that the couple dated for three years and even shared a home together in Los Angeles. Rodriguez and Fiona apparently split recently and as a result, the latter moved to New York from L.A.

"They kept their relationship under wraps," the insider disclosed. "They'd avoided attending events together or even being photographed when possible."

A rep for Rodriguez denies that the tumultuous side of his relationship with the '4 AM' chanteuse was not detailed in her album. "Adam knows about all of those songs, but they were written months ago -- they were very happy together," the rep said.

The split between Fiona and Rodriguez was reportedly "very nice" and they remain friends.

Fiona gave some insight on her relationship and how she wrote about it on her forthcoming LP. "It's interesting because on the first album I experienced a really bad breakup and on this album I experienced a really bad breakup," the 28-year-old shared. "I actually wrote all the songs that I ended up living, before I lived them, which is really crazy. I found myself with all the records that I wrote in succession and they actually told the story of what happened in that relationship. I was in the relationship and at the time; I didn't foresee it ending."

'The MF Life' features appearances from J. Cole, Nas and John Legend.

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