The dreaded week of Valentine's Day is finally here. You can't bear to hear all the plans friends are making with their significant others -- a constant reminder that you're single. One pal is planning to propose in lavish restaurant, another is having a bouquet of roses delivered to his girl and the other is prepping the bed and a playlist of R. Kelly's '12 Play' for the special night. With all of that said, you're sullen, left alone and single.

But not to worry. Everyone's coupled up and doing "the most," and some might say, "Cheer up and go out on your own!" But you might just want to stay in and reduce the risk of seeing love thrown in your face. Therefore, we've put together 10 songs -- five songs for the ladies, five songs for the guys -- so you can sulk during V-Day, otherwise known as S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day). But here's the catch, while these songs are a bit sad, there's still nuggets of info you can grab from the lyrics, which will prevent you from possibly being single next year.

Get in the mood with our 10 Singles Awareness Day Songs. Happy Valentine's or S.A.D. everyone!

  • 'Brokenhearted'


    For Lonely Ladies

    Kicking off the first song for the single ladies playlist is Brandy’s ‘Brokenhearted,’ from her self-titled debut album. If you're feeling a little alone today, take note from B’Rocka: “Only brokenhearted / Life's not over / I can start again / While I'm lonely / Brokenhearted / It's a hurting thing to get over.”

  • '4 AM'

    Melanie Fiona

    For Lonely Ladies

    While your ex might be out with someone else this Valentine’s Day, don’t get too crazy and take the route like Melanie Fiona’s past lover. As the singer details on her obsessive-ridden ‘4 AM,’ “breaking in your ex’s house during wee hours of the morning” is not OK. Don’t end up with a prison record just because you're down in the dumps. Just get in front of a mirror and recite the lyrics: “I don't deserve this life / I'd make the perfect wife / And I know love's a sacrifice.”

  • 'Love (I Thought You Had My Back)'

    Keyshia Cole

    For Lonely Ladies

    Keyshia Cole said it best: “Every girl’s got to go through it / And every man has to go through it / It’s a thing called love,” on ‘Love (I Thought You Had My Back).’ So while you’re sitting at home on the couch dubious of whether you’ll recover from a bad relationship or get in one -- don’t worry -- listen to Keyshia’s lonesome but self-assured record and “know your focus” in life, and if it’s love, then be confident it’s well on it’s way. 

  • 'Fool of Me'

    Meshell Ndegeocello

    For Lonely Ladies

    For all the single gals that will be coupled up with a quart size of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and a ‘Love & Basketball’ DVD instead of that special someone, tune into the daunting, but piercingly strong vocals and melody of Meshell Ndegeocello’s ‘Fool of Me.’ Yes, he broke your heart and “didn't care after making love to you,” but unlike the bottoms of a Ben & Jerry's bucket, there's no telling where your love life might end up.

  • 'Ex-Factor'

    Lauryn Hill

    For Lonely Ladies

    It could all be so simple, but there’s nothing more ambiguous than a relationship. So while you’re solo dolo trying to figure out a complicated love life, tune into Lauryn Hill’s  ‘Ex-Factor.’ Despite being lonely on V-Day, if you’re lost in a situation with your significant other, understand L-Boogie’s been there before as well, torn between a love that's "Just a silly game / That forces you to act this way."

  • 'Bittersweet Poetry' Feat. John Mayer

    Kanye West

    For Lonely Guys

    Fellas, if anyone knows what you’re feeling this V-Day, it’s most definitely Kanye West. Though Yeezy’s now impervious to feelings of heartbreak and jealousy, his brazen, lullaby, goodbye song 'Bittersweet Poetry' featuring John Mayer still speaks for the bitter gentlemen of the world. He knows what it is to spew animosity towards an ex with the lyrics: “You cut me deep bitch, cut me like surgery / And I was too proud to admit that it was hurting me / I'd never do that to you, at least purposely.”

  • 'Emotional'

    Carl Thomas

    For Lonely Guys

    Carl Thomas is notorious for one-word song titles that either have you in the best or worst sentiments, and ‘Emotional’ is one of them. Whether you’ve peeped your ex on Instagram interlocking her hands with another dude, let Carl Thomas get you through the moment because you need to figure out: “What’s a man to do when he just can't take no more / What am I to do when my heart leads me to the door.” Face it, you’ve tried and tried again, but it’s "terribly the end.”

  • 'Where I Wanna Be'

    Donnell Jones

    For Lonely Guys

    You might be single this Valentine's Day because of a painstaking message you left your ex, telling her of your uncontrollable lust to step outside of your relationship. In order to avoid this next time, take note from Donnell Jones’ confessional, redemptive (but oddly wrongdoing) ode ‘Where I Wanna Be.’ From Jones’ debut LP, this is a lesson for the lonesome gentlemen. If you've got a shorty, don’t step outside your relationship or else you’ll end up serenading them with lines like, “See when you love someone / You just don't treat them bad / Oh, how I feel so sad / Now that I wanna leave.”

  • 'Bye Baby'


    For Lonely Guys

    Nas was right: your former half knew and blew a good thing, but did you let go? ‘Bye Baby’ from the Queensbridge MC’s Grammy-nominated album, ‘Life Is Good,’ was Mr. Jones’ beautifully crafted pardon to ex-wife Kelis -- allowing bygones to be bygones -- despite the circumstances. Though your former lover may have splurged on too many Birkin bags at your expense or you endured dramatic court depositions in front of a judge, be thankful you’ve enjoyed the ride that got you there in the first place. There’s always more fish in the sea as Nasir says. “Next go 'round I hope I pick the truest type and watch me do it all again / It's a beautiful life,” he raps.

  • 'Lonely's the Only Company (I & II)'


    For Lonely Guys

    While the soft, supple warmth of a significant other is absent, Maxwell says you can count on one feeling that will unfortunately be present on V-Day night: loneliness. The singer's gloomy melody ‘Lonely’s the Only Company,’ from his debut album, ‘Urban Hang Suite,’ was not only an immaculate layering of saxophone, drum percussion and velvet vocals but also an anthem for the one lost in their feelings -- especially on Valentine’s Day.