Meek Mill isn't feeling Wale's sudden bout of honesty. After his MMG labelmate sounded off about his feud with Drake and Maybach Music Group's demise during an interview with The Breakfast Club earlier today (Oct. 21), Meek is calling him out.

The "Lord Knows" rhymer, who is all too familiar with using social media as his message board, wrote a lengthy Instagram post dissing Wale for his snide remarks. If you missed what all the commotion is about, the DMV rapper was asked what he thought about Meek's feud with Drake, to which he replied, “I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gunfight. He ain’t even bring a knife but a pencil. [He brought] a piece of paper [and] tried to paper-cut him to death.” Ouch. For two guys who are supposed to be on the same team over at MMG, those sound like fighting words.

In Meek's Instagram diss, the photo shows Wale and The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God. According to Meek, the "Know Me" MC is no longer part of Maybach Music Group -- even though he has no authority to actually kick him off the label. "N----s b doing all this to drop a new record gossiping about they hoe ass feelings and they personal life because they miserable and nobody don't rock wit them! Really stay away from me Fam! U not MMG NOMORE," he wrote.

Wale's MMG comments stem from a question about where the label stands in 2015 compared to when it launched in 2009. “Y’all ain’t dumb,” he said in The Breakfast Club discussion. “We’re not the unit we once was. It doesn’t mean that we’re not cool, we are just doing what we got to do. And that’s fine, I don’t ask no body to get in my beefs, it’s not a problem, it’s rap, there’s no bloodshed going on out here.”

The Dreamchasers leader continued to fire back at Wale, calling him a "broke rapper." "This my last time I think addressing s--- on the Internet .... But if I don't talk about it one of you dudes gone get hurt speaking my name like it's sweet! Y'all n----s gone stop mentioning my name like it ain't no consequences.... I'm off this internet! I don't speak on Mmg in interviews unless it's good! U a clown ... We don't wanna hear you nomore Fam! Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL ... He been tryna call me saying Rozay owe us money... He don't owe me s--- and if he do I'll get it later .... Go that away!" he stated.

The comments didn't go unnoticed by Wale, who responded in a series of tweets. The rapper, who has previously admitted to suffering from depression, jokingly stated that he was "currently lookin for a roof" so he could jump off it as indicated by Meek in his rant. He didn't stop with the comedic remarks. "-#nowplaying "I need a dollar" by aloeblacc," Wale tweeted.

So what does Rick Ross think of the drama between his two artists? While he hasn't directly addressed the situation, he did post a photo of himself and Meek performing at last night's TIDAL X: 10/20 concert hours before the "R.I.C.O." rhymer went off on Wale. The Instagram caption: "Money over Bitches. #MMG."

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