Meek Mill failed to get his goons to block Drake from performing in Philadelphia last Sunday (Aug. 21), however, he possibly did stop him from partying in the City of Brotherly Love.

According to TMZ, Meek’s crew allegedly was able to get every club in Philly to turn down Drake if he wanted to throw an after-party. Apparently, Meek's team also warned Drake not be disrespectful when he arrived to Philly, which may've prompted Drizzy to start firing shots at Meek again.

As we previously reported, during Drizzy's concert he dissed Meek again, reigniting their old 2015 beef. During his rendition of “Trophies,” he changed the lyrics from “This a f—them-boys, forever-hold-a-grudge song” to “f—that-boy-forever, I hold a grudge son.” He also rapped some new “Still Here” lyrics: “Man you not really from Philly and they can tell n----.”

Fortunately, Drake didn't host any after-parties in Philly after his show was over. It's unclear if that's because Meek's blockade was successful, or if the OVO leader wanted to leave town and not cause any more ruckus in the city.

One thing is clear, most people are pretty much over the whole Drake Vs. Meek Mill feud. Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg lashed out at Drake for reigniting the beef.

“There was NO need for [Drake] to reignite things with Meek,” Rosenberg insisted on Twitter yesterday (Aug. 22). “He’s always been realer than you...your content is MEANINGLESS.”

Ironically, Meek Mill is hosting a Stop the Violence event in Philadelphia on Saturday (Aug. 27).

Let's hope that Drake and Meek practice peace because this feud is getting pointless.

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