Even in 2013, 50 Cent still isn't letting old beefs die. At a MixShow Live Event in Atlanta on Saturday night (Aug. 10), the Queens rapper almost brawled with former G-Unit affiliate Trav, had it not been for Meek Mill playing peacemaker.

As Meek and his entourage were invited on stage, Fiddy soon spotted an unwelcome face in the group. He ordered Trav off stage and shoved his former artist before Meek Mill, thankfully, helped to diffuse the situation. The MMG rapper then got on the mic to publicly declare his neutrality, particularly in 50's storied beef with Rick Ross.

That happened before I was with Rozay -- and Rozay, that’s my n---a for life -- but I'm trying to make it in a way where I don’t really involve myself. 50 knows that’s not real beef, he's been in real beef; Rozay knows that’s not real beef, he's been in real beef.

Lloyd Banks' relationship. Never a smart idea.

Watch footage of the incident below.