MC Lyte keeps adding to her legacy beyond rap music, but everything she has a hand in incorporates the hip-hop culture as a whole.

On Saturday afternoon (July 7), the rap pioneer performed at the Essence Music Festival's block party in New Orleans' Champions Square. Just after her set, she spoke about her nonprofit organization for young women, Hip Hop Sisters. The agency's goal is to enlighten and empower young women through mentorship and a genuine sense of unity. Kelly Price, Faith Evans and Chilli of TLC serve as advisory board members.

"Hopefully, the women who have the experience can trickle it down to the young ones," Lyte says. "And the young ones can teach the older ones why they act the way they do."

While on the topic of the younger generation and new kids, the Brooklyn native spoke on her love for Kanye West's music and her appreciation of his creativity. Lyte also opened up to admit that it's Yeezy's honesty that's primarily made her an enormous fan.

"It seems like after he was in that bad accident years ago, he's lost his filter," she says with a laugh. "He just doesn't have one ... And it's like he was saying the other day at the BET Awards, 'I wish Jay was here. I never know what to say politically correct.' That's real. Like, when he said, 'George Bush doesn't care about black people.' It was just like, 'Oh my god! Somebody said it!'"

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