Let's start by giving credit where credit is due -- Mariah Carey's body (above left) is the fierceness. It is not, however, the ridiculously proportioned silhouette imaged (above right) in her new "American Idol" promotional photo. This is what we call an epic photo-retouching fail.

Since giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe back in April 2011, Mariah has been working hard to shed the baby weight and live up to her duties as a Jenny Craig spokesperson. But it looks like MiMi has gone on a digital diet, with 'Idol' retouchers instantly removing that extra 10, 15 ... 50 pounds with the click of a mouse! I mean, come on -- seriously with that waist?

The 42-year-old diva is, of course, no stranger to the slimming and reshaping wonders of Photoshop. Just check her out in AOL Music's "Worst Photoshopped Album Covers of All Time" photo gallery below!

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