Late on Monday afternoon (Dec. 20), police officials in New Orleans confirmed that Cash Money rapper Magnolia Shorty was identified as one of the victims in a shocking double homicide in the city.

The shooting incident, which left the 28-year-old rapper and another man dead, occurred at about 12:30PM, near Downman Road in eastern New Orleans. Both victims received multiple gunshot wounds, before their car crashed into the gate of a nearby apartment complex. They were immediately pronounced dead at the scene.

Magnolia Shorty, real name Renetta Lowe, was signed to Cash Money Records in the early '90s, by brothers Bryan "Baby" and Ronald "Slim" Williams. Lowe had grown up in the city's Magnolia public housing complex along with members of The Hot Boys group. She released her first Cash Money album in 1995 and was currently at work prepping her sophomore effort. In the last two years, she released two popular singles, the bouncy 'Smoking Gun' and followup 'My Boy.'

New Orleans police have not released any details on suspects or motives in the homicide case, but the shooting marks the third recent murder targeted at local rappers. According to, Argell "Twelve A'Klok White" was also murdered in eastern New Orleans in August, while David "Mr. Harvey" Williams was murdered in September in the city's Harvey neighborhood.

A Facebook tribute page for the slain rapper has already amassed over 18,000 fans who are paying their respects.

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