When the stoner-approved ska-punk group Sublime cut their 1992 version of 'Smoke Two Joints,' previously a 1983 cult favorite by the Toyes, they added in sampled dialogue from the 1970 film 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.' On her brand new version, Macy Gray sings the movie lines, which tell of a scandalous young woman "living in a room with three individuals" who "habitually smoke marijuana cigarettes."

The song comes from Gray's forthcoming covers album, appropriately titled 'Covered,' and The BoomBox is proud to premiere the accompanying visuals. The video builds its story from the 'Valley of the Dolls' snippet, as Gray and her bud-loving roommates have no money and must throw a "rent party" to avoid eviction.

They proceed to do just that, grooving away to Gray's bumpin' reggae track. The singer's notoriously hoarse vocals are perfect for a song about smoking, and she even sings in the line, "Smoke cigarettes 'til the day she died" -- yet another sample Sublime added to the Toyes' original.

Elsewhere on 'Covered,' Gray shows her love for alt-rock acts (Radiohead), metal bands (Metallica), and indie faves (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), proving she's no run-of-the-mill R&B singer. Not that anybody thought she was.

Watch Macy Gray's Video for 'Smoke Two Joints'

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