If there's one awards show that produces unforgettable moments, it's the MTV Video Music Awards. With the special guests, surprise performances and just off-the-wall high jinks, you never really know what's going to happen when you tune in. Just think, when the biggest artists from all genres get under one roof, it's a star-studded event where rules don't seem to apply.

Since the MTV Video Music Awards first aired in September 1984, the awards show has given us some jaw-dropping and sometimes cringe-worthy moments from singers and rappers' unexpected makeout sessions to showing off their bodily assets in the most creative of ways. Aside from the controversial times, the VMAs have also been the platform for powerful messages, big announcements and even tear-jerkers.

Before the MTV VMAs arrive on Aug. 30, The Boombox takes a trip down memory lane -- all 31 years of its history -- to gather some of the craziest moments we've witnessed on TV during the awards show. Check out 10 Most Outrageous Moments at MTV Video Music Awards Over the Years.

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