Sometimes we make mistakes with the ones we love, but it doesn't mean the heart still isn't attached to that special someone. Macy Gray encapsulates that idea on her new song, 'Hands.'

The guitar-driven pop tune will quickly put you out of a bad mood. On the track, she admits her mistakes and tries to make amends by saying that no one can love her significant other the way she does.

"The others won't do / I got to get my hands on you," she sings on the chorus.

She breaks things down a bit further during the bridge. "My big papa, my monster love / You be my baby daddy / The love of my life / Now who else gonna call you that now," she delivers.

With years of experience in the industry and also becoming a mom, Macy wanted to reflect that with the songs on her new album. “I wanted to create a record that reflects who I’ve become as a woman, mother and artist,” she says in a statement. “This album is very personal to me. I want my fans to understand the place where I’m at in life and feel inspired by my music because it’s relatable.”

'Hands' is the latest track off the singer's forthcoming album, 'The Way,' due Oct. 7.

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