Following Moniece's public announcement in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Brandi and Princess had every intention to get their revenge. So on Monday evening's (October 10) episode, they discovered a way to do that. Princess reached out to gossip extraordinaire Jason Lee to find out the dirt on Moniece and walked away with gold and news of a her sex tape.

She quickly informed Brandi. However Princess also reminded her friend of the time Brandi tossed a drink at Jason. So in order for Brandi to get her hands on the video, she needed to play nice. While she thought a gift would work on Jason, he had his own plans. Instead, he told her to hop around like a dog like one servant did in the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie, Coming to America. Brandi got the joke and gave in, which meant that Moniece's video would be spread and revenge was hers.

Masika loves being a mom, but it could be better if the baby's father, aka Fetty Wap, was presence. But as Fetty explained to a friend in the studio, Masika was expecting more than just being a co-parent. But Fetty wasn't having it because he doesn't want to be with Masika in that way. Unfortunately, she doesn't see it that way.

While Nikki was caught two-timing both Safaree and Rosa a few weeks ago. Last night's episode revealed that her actions could have been due to the pain she was dealing with from her brother's death. Considering her boss chick status, Nikki didn't want to show anyone she was vulnerable. However after her brother, Omar, died of a drug overdose, she attempted to bottle it all up. But when she paid her mom a visit, she finally broke down and released all that pain.

Finally Lyrica wanted to make things right with her mom after she and A1 eloped. And Lyrica G thought the way to make her feel a little bit better is by having the newlyweds pay for her upcoming liposuction. Of course, A1 didn't like the idea.

And apparently he hated the idea so much, he got her a waist belt, which he presented to her in front of everyone during the family cookout. This immediately set everyone off and not only pinned the mothers at each other again but also put Lyrica and A1 at odds.

Will this new family fight put their relationship in jeopardy? Tune in next week to find out.

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