Throughout this season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Princess has been getting Ray J to put more effort into planning their wedding. However, it seemed that he went too far in last week's episode when he showed up to her wedding dress appointment. Despite the smiles, Princess didn't want him to be there. However, Ray unsurprisingly had something up his sleeve -- a surprise visit from her grandma, who she mentioned earlier couldn't travel alone. When the two women get to talking, Princess found out that not only does her absent father wanted to to walk her down the aisle but that her grandma would also be present no matter what.

Although Princess and Ray's wedding planning was actually progressing, both started to cause some trouble with others. First, there's Ray J, who decided to help Safaree talk Nikki Baby into a threesome with Rosa. But even though he mic-ed up that meeting, Nikki, who found out that Safaree had been creeping around while he was in Miami, had a surprise for him -- that other woman. Safaree was taken aback and really looked like he had no idea who this person was. Unfortunately, Nikki didn't believe him and continued to accuse him of cheating -- leaving Safaree as well as Ray J and Soulja Boy, who was with Ray, confused.

Then, Moniece revealed some tea to Masika by informing her that Brandi's husband, Max, had a Becky and has been hanging with her for a while. After all the issues she had with Brandi, Moniece was ready to clap back and use her own special performance night to be the place where it would happen. Meanwhile, both Princess and Brandi were considering going to Moniece's performance. And shockingly, Brandi told Princess that Moniece wasn't too bad.

Princess was skepitcal. And when they both showed up to Moniece's event, Princess was right. The moment Moniece saw Princess and Brandi show up, she hopped on the mic and started telling everyone that Max has been cheating on Brandi for years. Princess was so mad that she went after Moniece.

Finally, things go from bad to worse for Willie, who was still hoping to get his wife, Shanda, back. After planning to woo her with romance, the whole act backfires when she practically says she wasn't happy and wants out of the marriage for now. Because he wanted to respect his wife's wishes as well as make her happier, he decided to move out and give Shanda the space she's been asking for.

Find out if Shanda and Willie have a fighting chance by tuning in next week.