After Karlie shared photos of Jasmine and (possibly) Kirk's love child in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it would only be a matter of time till it go to the rest of the ATL crew. And of all the people to spread the news, it had to be Yung Joc--who decided to not only share the photos during a guy's poker night, which included Scrappy, Kirk, and Stevie, but also talked about the fact he'd fooled around with Jasmine around the same time Kirk had. But Joc swore he used protection and that the child looked more like Kirk.

As Rod, Jasmine, her baby and Keanna were set to move back in together, Keanna shared that Joc was spreading the news about the baby and claiming that he slept with Jasmine. Jasmine was unsurprisingly fuming, but Rod was just as mad because he thought Joc was his friend. So Jasmine and Rod confronted Karlie and Joc to talk about it. Things started off tense but civil; however, Rod decided to throw a low blow--he revealed that he's been sleeping with Sina and talking to her every day. Joc tried to keep his cool, but was clearly fuming inside. Then Jasmine quickly attacked Karlie about the fact that she's been spreading the baby photo. Karlie clapped back, and soon Jasmine leapt across the table to hit Karlie. Of course, security immediately came to separate everyone.

Karlie and Joc's meetings didn't stop there:  they went on double date with Shooter and Sierra. But the meet up was really short-lived because Shooter and Sierra started bickering, with Shooter eventually walking away. Sierra made things worse; following him loudly in the restaurant and trying to pull him back to the table. And things got worse when Moriah finally revealed to Lovely Mimi who her married boyfriend was: Shooter. Moriah and Shooter's meet up was not only filled with dirty talk but also showed just how much cash Shooter has been giving Moriah--without Sierra's knowledge.

Treasure P. is the other woman on this season that admitted to dating married men. And while Tommie had lots of opinions about that, the two ladies met to make amends. But of course, Tommie ran her mouth and called Treasure out for her sleazy ways. Treasure responded by saying that at least she was never in jail. So these two were clearly never going to be best friends.

Finally Joseline came back--both to figure out whether or not Stevie is the father of her child and to try and make amends with the ladies in Atlanta. While everyone was skeptical of just how sincere Joseline was, it was good to see that she's trying to make things right.

Unfortunately when she and Melissa tried to host a get together with all the ladies, only Jessica Dime showed up. Joseline was unimpressed.

Tune in next week to find out if Joseline and Dime become friends again.

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