Everyone found out that Kirk not only cheated on Rasheeda, but also supposedly had a child with another woman in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Rasheeda may have thrown him out of the house, but it's obvious that she's hurting. So Karlie did some sleuthing and paid Jasmine a visit to see what's up. Jasmine was surprised by Karlie's visit. And although she let Karlie in, Jasmine was skeptical. She got especially weary when Karlie started taking selfies with the baby. Despite her suspicions, Jasmine was kind of hoping that Karlie would show Rasheeda what she and Kirk made.

While everyone is wrapping their heads around the fact that Kirk has a child on the side, Yung Joc admitted to Karlie that he was sleeping with Jasmine around the same time as Kirk. And while he's played Karlie before, she was angrier out of embarrassment that her man was sharing a woman with one of his good friends. When she asked if Jasmine's baby could be his, he said that they used condoms. So he should be in the clear.

Scrappy and Bambi may be engaged, but their relationship has been on the rocks all season. And when we saw Scrappy with another woman, we instantly figured he's playing Bam. However, we later found out that he was rehearsing a scene because he wanted to try his hand at acting. Meanwhile, Momma Dee paid Bambi a visit--surprising considering how Dee treated Bam in the past. Dee was worried about her son and Bam's relationship. And while she thought, per usual, that Bambi was the reason they're apart, Bam actually explained that Scrappy acts like he doesn't want to was down the aisle.

So Momma Dee set up a little meeting between Scrappy and Bambi and his father and stepmom, who are both relationship counselors. From the moment Scrappy and Bambi sat down, they started arguing. And although they were able to air out their issues, it seemed to cause a bigger rift instead of solving anything. By the end of it, Bambi walked out--like she was done.

Finally, we get to Mimi; a nail artist and performer who's currently working at The Glam Shop, one of the hottest salons in Atlanta. While Mimi is popular on social media, her boss, Sierra, thought she was too loud and offensive to customers. But Sierra's assistant, Moriah, who hired Mimi, convinced her to give the woman a chance. And Sierra's husband, Shooter, suggested that Mimi, Moriah and Sierra would get together for a night out. Unfortunately, when Sierra mentioned that Mimi was trying to be black, Mimi instantly lunged at her boss. And although security separated the two, Mimi quit her job.

What will happen between Kirk and Rasheeda? Scrappy and Bambi? What craziness will Mimi bring to the show? Be sure to tune in next week to find out.

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