K. Michelle's return last week only meant that more craziness is bound for the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and it did! But before we get into the scuffles got went down at her album listening party, she and Joseline had a little powwow before the event to dole out some tea and also find out the problem Japan, Michelle's makeup artist had with D. Smith. Apparently Japan and D. worked on a song together, but then it ended up going to another artist. Considering the closeness that Michelle has with Japan, she wanted to make sure that D. is a cool chick before she not only welcomes her to Atlanta but also hires her to be the creative director for her tour.

Michelle did get to the bottom of the problem at her party when D. Smith and her partner-in-crime, Betty Idol, rolled into the soiree. From that moment, you could feel the tension and that some was going to happen. Being the friend that she is to Japan, K. Michelle brought up the issues that he had with D. While D. pleaded the fifth and just said that she was hoping for more respect from him, Betty couldn't help but put in her two cents and said that she's the one who ended up taking over the song and made it a hit. Michelle, who was not going to be upstaged at her own party, took that opportunity to ask Betty what she's really done and said she should just be on Broadway. And before Betty could respond, Michelle walks away.

But Michelle didn't go too far. She just stepped to the mic and thanks everyone for coming as well as reveal that she know has the power to sign artists to Atlantic Records. Now we all know how happy she was to stick that piece of information to all the haters out there.

While Michelle is enjoying herself, things go south when Bambi comes in. Once Ariane and her sit with D. and Betty, the conversations turned sour. Bambi and D. immediately started exchanging some fighting words, and of course, Betty joined in. Ariane does her best to diffuse the situation; however, security eventually steps in to break up the party.

While Bambi was in that spat, Lil Scrappy and Jessica Dime have been getting a bit closer. Jessica mentioned that Scrappy has been hitting her up, and this week, we saw their flirtation unfold. Although the two were fairly innocent, you could feel the tension. And after a little workout challenge, Jessica wins a date with her potential new boo.

Despite the issues the cast has with each other, it seemed that this episode really made you feel bad for Scrapp. After meeting with his lawyer, he found out that he has to do jail time soon and was warned that he could immediately go to jail after his sentence hearing. Aside from dealing with that news, now he has to get his affairs in order -- meaning he needs to have K.K. and his baby mama, Tiarra, to be on good terms. After revealing the news to the family, he pleaded with his mom to sit down with him and Tiarra. Regardless of how she feels, she agreed to the meeting.

Tiarra also agreed to meet with Scrapp and his mom. She also finally agreed to let Scrapp see his son by surprising her former boo with a visit during "Daddy Day," a day out with all the Love & Hip Hop dads and their kids.

But first, we can't finish this post without revealing the new boo in Tiarra's life. Meet J-Nicks. He's a DJ at the bar that Tiarra works at. The two have known each other for a while but have never gone the romantic route because they were either both in relationships or the fact that J-Nicks is also good friends with Scrapp. Despite this, it's clear that the two have some connection. The only thing J-Nicks needed to do is make a move and sort things out with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Amber.

While things were going okay for Tiarra and Scrapp was working on getting his affairs in order, the sit-down meeting among those two and K.K. would crash as quickly as it started. Tiarra and K.K. were so heated that they both started threatening to beat each other somewhere.

Scrapp has a lot on his plate to deal with yet again. Find out what happens to him and the rest of the ATL crew next week.