In last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we learned that Joseline was ready to pounce on all her haters. And this week, we found out that she's not alone. K. Michelle, who previously had her own spin-off reality show, was back in the ATL and about to bring on her own kind of hell to the ladies who tried to break her in a past.

Since the K. and Joseline were both in the same boat and still friends, it only made sense that the Puerto Rican Princess would be the first person to find out that K. Michelle didn't only move back to Atlanta but also bought a massive estate to show off her success.

After meeting up with Joseline, the R&B diva also caught up with Karlie Redd, who stopped by the set of K. Michelle's video "Mindful." The ladies sat down for a chat and K. Michelle surprised Karlie with invites to her album release party. Not only was Karlie invite, but she also wanted Rasheeda and Mimi to come. Now if you remember, Rasheeda and Mimi aren't great friends with K. after she hit Mimi with flowers and threw a burning candle at Rasheeda. Surprised by the gesture, Karlie agreed to pass along the invites.

Unfortunately, when Karlie delivered them to the ladies during Ariane and Mimi's birthday festivities, both ladies refused to go, and Jessica Dime, who wasn't on the guest list, ripped up one of the invites and made it rain.

Karlie may have been the messenger in that situation, but she definitely wasn't the most innocent this week. She dropped by Scrapp's shop to talk business and potentially working with him and his brother, Sas, through her record label, Redd Entertainment. But business quickly turned into pleasure. After some heated flirting, Karlie and Scrapp kissed. And after he carried her onto the counter, we're sure that this was going to be more than one simple peck on the lips. Now we wonder how Lyfe Jennings, Karlie's boyfriend, will feel about this one.

Karlie couldn't keep it a secret so she told Jessica, who was taken aback by the whole situation and really didn't agree with Karlie's new found feelings for Scrapp.

Unfortunately for Scrapp, he's got more things to worry about than an new tryst with Karlie. During a meeting with his lawyer, he found out that his sentencing date was set and could be facing up a minimum of five years in prison for marijuana trafficking.

Meanwhile, Stevie J and Joseline's problems have been continuing. Not only have they been arguing more (no surprise), but they've actually been sleeping in separate rooms since the two moved back from Los Angeles. And now after talking with former enemy Dawn, it looks like Joseline was set to break off their professional relationships and maybe even their marriage. After discussing contracts and Joseline's desire for more control over her career, Stevie left and confided with Mimi.

While Mimi's always there for her baby daddy, things got complicated when Stevie asked if he could crash at Mimi's for a little bit. Although they'll be in separate rooms, we knew Chris wouldn't be down with this. And we were right. After sitting down to discuss the situation, Chris made the decision to step away from their relationship while Mimi sorted through some issues. Chris didn't want to do it but felt that she had to because of her love for Mimi.

Mimi might have been left heartbroken by Chris' decision. However, that didn't stop her from having a night out with her ladies. And although K. Michelle's invites for Mimi and Rasheeda could have been a damper on that party, Mimi didn't let that get in her way. Unfortunately, Dime got into a confrontation with Bambi, who decided to bring her new boo, Chazz, to the party. Since Bambi had a new man, Jessica thought it would be her opportunity to reveal that Scrappy, Bam's ex, has been hitting her up. Even though Bambi might be seeing someone else, she doesn't take the news lightly, and the two get into it. Oddly enough, it could have been the cleanest fight we've ever seen with everyone's drinks staying in their cups.

Is Scrappy will hitting up Dime? Will Karlie pursue Scrapp further? And what is K. Michelle's plans for Rasheeda and Mimi? Tune in next week to find out.