While Stevie J dropped the ball on the fake marriage that he and Joseline had in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, last night's (June 27) show revealed that Tammy and her husband, Waka Flocka Flame, were having some issues of their own. While Bambi stopped by her friend's place to catch up, Tammy revealed that she and Waka have been going through a rough patch. Bam admitted that she's seen this from the couple before. However, this time Tammy wasn't ready to ride it out. The teary-eyed Tammy also explained that she knew that Waka was cheating on her.

While we're on the cheating train, Amber, an ATL stripper as well as J-Nicks' girlfriend, had been trying to seduce Yung Joc for some time now. And when the guys had poker night at J-Nicks' place, Amber was on hand to help out with refreshments and "accidentally" spilled water on Joc's thigh. But of course, she was ready to clean that up and cop a little feel, which J-Nicks didn't appreciate.

Unfortunately for J-Nicks, Amber was well-aware of his flirtations and hangouts with Tiarra. So she didn't see any problem with her own fun with Joc, which moved from the poker table and eventually went to his hotel room.

Back to Joseline and Stevie J's unreal marriage, the Puerto Rican Princess is continuing her revenge on Stevie by not only throwing shade whenever she can but also having some fun with other people, particularly Tommie. Joseline invited Tommie over to her place and entice her into some bedroom play, which Tommie didn't seem to resist.

While Joseline is having her fun, Stevie had to deal with some flack from Mimi since he lied to her about the fake marriage. Despite being angry, Mimi let it slide. But she had an exit plan in the works in case things go south after Stevie's big reveal. But before that happened, Stevie decided to reach out to an unlikely talent work on a new collaboration -- Jessica Dime. Although Stevie had his issues with Jessica, mainly due to Joseline, he decided to give her another chance. And aside from making good music together, it also looked like they got their flirt on as well.

Does this all mean the official end for Joseline and Stevie? Tune in next week to find out.

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