Last night's episode of 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' may have started with Teairra Mari hitting the studio with Yung Berg to create her "comeback" track, but things didn't heat up until fans watched Ray J throw a tantrum.

While speaking with Yesi, the singer got loud with her for encouraging Morgan, his ex-assistant, to step out of Ray's shadow for a day and do something for her own career. Obviously Willy Norwood, Jr., didn't like that, so he fired Morgan because "she wanted to follow her dreams of interviewing celebrities" instead of being his assistant. Sounds like Ray is a boss people should love to have.

Yesi ultimately has to get security to take Ray out of the building, but the Mississippi-born singer doesn't leave without a fight. So to blow off some steam, Brandy's brother hits the club. Bottles are being popped and there are plenty of groupies to help him kill the liquor before the lights come on. Unfortunately for Ray, he finds himself in the back of a police car after being accused of assaulting of woman in a club. And to make matters worse, he just can't keep himself from spitting on an officer and kicking the back window out of a squad car.

Clearly the former 'Moesha' cast member is beyond paranoid about something and needs to work out some personal demons. The funny thing is, he just says this is Ray J 2.0 and people need to get used to it. "I'm introducing everybody to the new, turnt up Ray J. What it do?"

Ray's music manager, Cash, comes to pick him up from jail and confronts him about having a drinking problem. But it's clear the 33-year-old Hollywood socialite is in complete denial because he doesn't have too much to say about the issue except two little things. "If you can abide by the rules of Ray J then everything is all straight," he tells Cash. "I don't have a drinking problem. But I got a problem with people f---in' with me when I'm drinkin'."

After hearing about Ray's torturous run-in with the LAPD, Teairra uses it as an opportunity to reach out to her ex-boyfriend and check on his well being. His manager unfortunately givse her a little too much encouragement about the former couple's non-existent relationship because everyone knows Ray doesn't care about anything Teairra has to say. But for some reason, she still can't accept that the relationship is fully over.

And even though Tea and Hazel-E aren't friends anymore, their reactions to break-ups show why the two are kindred spirits. Like Teairra, Hazel claims she's over her relationship with Berg and decides to finally keep things at a strictly professional level. The Hitmaka passed a few beats to the publicist-turned-rapper a few weeks back, and she's finally cut a track for one of the beats.

The catch: it's ultimately an ode to her love that never was. In an effort to defend herself, she said why not put it all out there because "at least I got it out." Hazel plays the record for Masika, but she wonders if Hazel-E is more delusional than Berg has made her out to be. Clearly she's not understanding that he's not into her for anything more than a dope booty call. But even those days are over.

Hazel reaches out to Berg so he can hear the track she's put together, but within 10 seconds, the Chicago native is readily unimpressed. "Your lyrics are wack, and I'm tired of you pushing up on me like a Muppet in heat," he tells Hazel while literally laughing in her face. And in case she had it twisted, he makes one thing very clear: "You ain't never been my bitch." Channeling her inner Teairra, Hazel-E starts swinging and security quickly jumps in and Berg grabs her all-white purse and pours her things out all over the street.

Dang, Berg might be worse than Ray J.

Before the show cuts to final credits, fans watch Nia bring her father, Teddy Riley, and her man, Soulja Boy, together for an old fashion sit down. But Teddy's asking the same thing the rest of 'Love & Hip Hop' viewers are asking: why haven't I met you before? But there will be plenty of that next week.

Stay tuned.

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