As a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer, chances are you're usually stressed after watching all of the drama and scuffle go down. This week you can breathe a sigh of relief because things slow down a bit. Stevie J kicks off the episode by providing an update on his 10 days in rehab.

As he talks about his treatment at Tangu Rehab Center, it's obvious he's calmer and even has a zen-like air about him. However, it seems like all of his rehabilitation could be shattered the moment Joseline Hernandez shows up. Instead of just listening to his progress, she quickly jumps in to tell him that his baby mama, Mimi Faust, is a "bitch" and goes off about the meeting they had last week.

As he tries to switch gears and tell Joseline that he needs to stay clean for a year and asks her to stop smoking weed, she gets upset and asks him why she has to change her life. Joseline, who swears she has control of her anger, starts to blow up, but Stevie calmly tells her to consider talking to his therapist.

Despite Joseline's hesitation, she goes with Stevie to meet Dr. Brooks. And while she admits that she won't stop drinking, she said she will try to quit smoking weed for a year to show support for her husband. However, a bomb is dropped when Stevie admits that his lawyer said he could go to jail for up to two years for not paying child support. But while that hurts, it doesn't seem to sting as much as Joseline feeling like Stevie doesn't treat her as an equal part of the relationship. And that's something the doc tells them to work on.

Before they go to therapy, Mimi meets Stevie in church and explains what happened during her last meeting with Joseline. His wife needs some help, according to her. He tells her they're going to counseling but that nothing can be messed up between him and Mimi because they care about each other and go way back. She returns the sentiment and tells him that if he were to get hit by a bus, she'd be at his funeral.

Kalenna Harper and her husband Tony Harper aka T. Vick return in this week's episode. While she looks like she's about to give birth at any second, she and Tony explain how they had to close Phantom Studios and get ready for the new addition of their family. But with the new house they have and Kalenna wanting to continue pursuing her music career, it's not necessarily the most relaxed situation at the Harper house.

Tony drops his own bomb when he tells her that he's considering working with Kevin Edwards, a real estate developer who Kalenna isn't too fond of since he was the reason her husband was out all night and cheated on her while she was pregnant with their first child. Things get worse for Kalenna when Tony tells her that he wants to dump their life savings into a new club Kevin is opening. Despite all of this drama, she's ready to give birth.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd meets with Rasheeda Frost to smooth things over after the drama that went down with Erica Dixon during Karlie's store opening. However, what seemed like a chance for the two to smooth things over turns into the end of Karlie and Rasheeda's friendship. Later on in the episode, we see Kalenna asking Karlie and Mimi to come over to her house to see Baby Noah.

During their girl time, she vents about her issues with Tony getting into business with Kevin. Karlie also brings Jessica Dime to Kalenna's home and she's welcomed with open arms. Since Jessica is looking for help with her career now that she's in Atlanta, Mimi offers her services. Jessica is a bit hesitant but is willing to talk it out. Then the conversation switches over to what went down with Rasheeda.

After Nikko London asks his wife Margeaux to move to Atlanta, she finally agrees and ends up living in an apartment two floors below her husband. And he finally comes clean about having a book deal with Mimi as well as what happened regarding the sex tape. Margeaux demands that he tell the truth and he says he's to blame for leaking it but Mimi was the mastermind behind it all.

After Sina plants a camera to record her sexual escapades with Yung Joc, she stops by Khadiyah's office to show her the evidence. While it's clear that Khadiyah is upset, she doesn't let Sina see any of the hurt feelings she has. Instead, she kicks her out of the office. It's obvious that Khadiyah has some things to talk about with Joc. But she doesn't blow up on him; she has something else in mind.

Joc's girlfriend at the moment decides to tie him up, tease him and then show him the evidence -- leaving Joc speechless and unable to run away. But things move from sexy to torture when she starts whipping him with a belt, throws wine on him and leaves him there tied up. You'd think he'd be scared of this crazy side, but the rapper is turned on.

Scrappy and Erica finally have a meeting regarding child support for their daughter. The conversation turns to an argument and their lawyers go at it too. By the end of it all, Erica is done. She and her lawyer walk out, and this issue will now be taken to court.

The episode ends on an interesting cliffhanger. Joseline sits down with Margeaux for drinks and it's clear that she's going to unleash some dirt about Mimi that will make Joseline's day.

Tune in next week to find out how this drama unfolds.

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