Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta left us in the middle of a brawl brewing between Kalenna Harper and Waka Flocka Flame's wife, Tammy Rivera. A catfight was minutes away from happening before the two had to be separated.

This week's episode brings us back into the middle of the mess. However, as Tammy walks away from the situation, Rasheeda Frost follows only to find out that Kalenna once called Tammy venting about Rasheeda being a "bum ass bitch." She's obviously hurt and needs to sort this one out with her friend. Unfortunately, when they meet up in the studio to talk, the chat turns into an all-out screaming match. While the argument is brief, it looks like this friendship is over.

Kalenna confides in her husband Tony and he really thinks that she's experiencing postpartum depression in addition to all the drama. And because of the seriousness around it, they are set to seek professional help.

Despite the falling out with Rasheeda, Kalenna gets together with Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd. After venting about her frustration with Rasheeda, Joseline reveals she's moving to Los Angeles with Stevie J. She also drops the news that Stevie is back with Bad Boy and Diddy. Then we also find out that Karlie is dating Lyfe Jennings. However, she doesn't want to announce the relationship until it's official. She does reveal that she's partnering up with Empire Records to launch her label.

Scrappy and Erica Dixon also manage to put aside any ill feelings this week to celebrate their daughter Emani's 10th birthday. The princess-themed affair brings out family and friends as well as Scrappy's other half, Bambi. While she's staying on her side of the party and away from Erica, she admits that seeing Emani with her parents makes her realize how much she wants her own family and no drama.

Later on, Bambi catches up with Tammy to talk about her drama but to also reveal that she's trying to get back into music. She worked with this guy named Loudie on a video and will be going to the premiere party -- all without Scrappy knowing. But she's not going alone because Tammy will be rolling up in there with her.

Meanwhile, Stevie J reveals his new West Coast plans to Mimi Faust; she has her reservations since it will not only put a strain on the business end of MF Management but also means their daughter, Eva, will be separated from her dad. With business on his mind at the moment, Stevie learns that Jazze Pha wants to work with Tiffany Foxx but she wants to get in the studio with Stevie. After what happened when Joseline found out that her husband had been working with other artists, he's worried. But not worried enough because he still wants to work with Tiff.

As for Jessica Dime, Mimi explains that Jermaine Dupri won't be working with her directly yet but has provided her with one of his producers. The conversation ends with Nikko London and Margeaux Simms, and Stevie has a plan to sort that mess out with a little revenge plot.

Aside from all the plans he's got going on in California, he's also now one of the partners of Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine. So he plans to get his partner to contact Margeaux's people to set up a photo shoot and do a story on her for the cover. Little does she know that Stevie, the father of her arch nemesis' child, is one of the co-owners. This plans sounds great and even more therapeutic for Stevie as he talks to Scrappy about it -- a guy he used to have issues with. However, after bonding over cigars, rehab and their new maturity and soberness, it looks good between these two men.

While we know the photo shoot is a bit sketchy, Margeaux shows up ready to work. And even though she and Nikko London are separated, he's the only one she can trust. So he's also in attendance. The photo shoot takes a sour turn when Stevie arrives. Nikko realizes the scheme, and Margeaux wants no part of it. And considering the fact she showed up and did her job, she expects to be paid $10,000 for the cover. As she screams her price out, Stevie sits there just laughing.

Speaking of revenge, Sina is set to get back at Khadiyah Lewis by bringing Karlie in on the action since she also dated Yung Joc. So to celebrate the merging of Empire Records and Karlie Redd Entertainment, Karlie has a party and invites KD to the party. And once she realizes what's going on, she, Karlie and Sina have it out right there at the event. Khadiyah instantly realizes she's been set up, confronts the two women and it soon turns into a screaming match. KD even takes off her shoes and starts throwing money at Sina. Despite having to be taken away by security, KD knows that she got to say her piece and now has to deal with Joc. Sina told him KD had a fake pregnancy.

It looks like these two have another mess to clean up. Make sure to tune in next week to find out how Yung Joc and Khadiyah's issues unfold.

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