When we last left Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Rasheeda Frost and Erica Dixon were at Kirk Frost's hotel room ready to bust down the door, especially after they heard Ashley Nicole coming to answer it. However this week, they get a little surprise when the latest D-Lo Entertainment artist opens the door. After Rasheeda and Erica start inspecting the room but can't find Kirk anywhere, they meet Ashley Nicole's girlfriend of two years, Jamie. And while this might be an awkward situation for everyone, Rasheeda keeps her cool and admits she may have been wrong about Ashley's sexual preferences but is still right about how the young singer runs her mouth. Meanwhile, Jamie tries to calm everyone, especially her girlfriend, down and get a handle on the situation. And once Ashley catches her breath, she tells Rasheeda which room her husband is in. So when Rasheeda finally ends up in Kirk's room, he can do nothing but laugh at his wife's antics. And instead of telling her to go home, he convinces Rasheeda to tell Erica, who's been waiting in the lobby, to just drive her car home so the couple can have some time to themselves.

After the whole hotel fiasco, Rasheeda tried to make amends by helping at Ashley Nicole's photo shoot. During the break, the two finally make peace and apologize to each other for what they've said in the past, and Ashley opens up about her mom. She reveals that her mother committed suicide a few years ago. Since then, she's been looking for that female figure in her life and hopes Rasheeda will be up able to fill that role. And while Rasheeda is baffled at the fact she actually likes Ashley now, she accepts.

Meanwhile, Scrappy and his girlfriend Bambi have been together for a while and even have a promise ring on her finger to prove it. However after the Momma Dee and Ernest Baker engagement, it really got Scrappy thinking about his own relationship. And while he admitted that he's not ready to walk down the aisle, he did want to show his love and appreciation for Bambi by surprising her with her own key to his house. Although Bambi is happy about it, she reminds him that he needs to sort things out with Erica, especially regarding all the legal problems. So he and Erica meet up to talk things out, and surprisingly it doesn't end in a screaming match or have any lawyers involved. The two reconcile and decide to do what's best for their daugther, Emani, and start planning the best birthday party for her.

Yung Joc has been trying to prove his love for Khadiyah Lewis since she kicked him out of her condo. And after he finally got uncuffed from the table in last week's episode, the rapper comes by the apartment to show her the divorce papers that he and his wife, Alex, have previously filed but never signed. And after being married for 13 years and separated for a long time, he officially signs them and wants to move forward with KD. While she keeps her composure, she's clearly ecstatic during her solo interview. Although KD is happy, Sina doesn't take the news lightly. She not only starts yelling at him in public but also in front of their children. And when she attempts to start hitting the father of her daughters, Joc stops it by walking away from the situation.

Mimi Faust has been trying to get MF Management off the ground. But between all her drama and then the run-in Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx had in front of Jazze Pha, there was a lot she had to do to fix it. However after apologizing to the producer, Jazze Pha not only forgives her but says he wants to work Tiffany instead of Jessica. Feeling relieved and a bit victorious, Mimi then meets with Tiffany to tell her the news. And while Tiffany is really flattered, she really wants to work with Stevie J instead. So now Mimi needs to talk to her business partner and see if he's willing to put in some studio time with Tiffany. We're not too sure if Joseline Hernandez will like this arrangement.

Meanwhile, Mimi still needs a producer to work with Jessica and introduces her to Jermaine Dupri. Although he thinks she's rough around the edges and calls her song, "stripper fight music," Jermaine sees the potential and is willing to work with her. And even though both Mimi and Jessica were hoping with a Jermaine-produced track in their hands, they still feel good about the meeting and the future work Jessica and Jermaine can do in the future. And at the end of the meeting, Jessica gets emotional after Mimi offers her an official contract to be part of MF Management.

Kalenna and Tony Harper officially parted ways professionally in last week's episode. However after talking to her husband, Kalenna really started to think about what her new potential manager Deb Antney (aka Waka Flocka's mom) is going to do for her career. And the moment Kalenna brought that up, Deb gets defensive and immediately an argument ensues. The two start throwing comments about how the other hasn't done anything big in the music industry lately. And by the end of it, this business partnership is also done. Now that Kalenna is on the hunt for a manager again, she goes back to the club to support her husband and vent to Rasheeda. However Tammy Rivera, Waka Flocka's wife, rolls in to confront Kalenna about what happened in Deb's office earlier. The conversation quickly escalates and has Rasheeda and security trying to separate the two. And even though Tammy is slowly being escorted out of the club, Kalenna is ready to come at her.

Another brawl is brewing in Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. So be sure to tune in next week to find out how Kalenna and Tammy's fight goes down.

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