In an effort to pretend like Mimi Faust isn't VH1's cash cow this season, we're going to skip the fact that last night's episode opened with her porno drama -- again --  and focus on Tammy and Waka Flocka Flame for a change. Now that the two are married, it seems like Mama Deb is in a rush for the newlyweds to have some babies quick. But instead of just popping them out one-by-one, she's hoping they start by bringing twins into the world.

Overprotective and all types of involved in Waka and Tammy's relationship, Deb tags along as her daughter-in-law makes a trip to the fertility clinic to make sure Tammy's "special place" is working right. Mrs. Malphurs learns her lady parts are just fine, but maybe her husband's aren't. It's not a secret that men don't like anything pulling or plowing around their "manhood" -- unless it's a woman helping him release his magic powers -- so it was no surprise Waka put up a fight when Tammy brings up the issue. We suppose that's what nurse's uniforms and private doctor's rooms are for -- everyone's seen 'Grey's Anatomy.'

So now that another, random topic has been discussed first, let's go ahead and jump into the fact that Mimi Faust might finally be coming to her senses after a serious reality check with her "scumbag boyfriend," Nikko. If you're a fan of the show, then you saw Nikko candidly admit that he's been married to another woman for the entirety of his and Mimi's relationship. What you didn't know is that he's been married for seven years. And if things went as planned, Nikko "never" would have told Ms. Faust the truth because it's something he was going "to take to the grave." His last words to Mimi before she laughs her way out of the door, "So you're leaving?" C'mon, son!

Slowly understanding that everything anyone has ever told her about Nikko was actually true, Mimi calls her girls to tell them the truth about her married boyfriend (even though they probably already know because the story was all over MediaTakeOut). There's only one thing Ariane has to say in her confessional: "All he's done is proven himself to be the scumbag parasite that I always thought he was." As Erica and Ariane are secretly laughing on the inside while Molly the Maid spills her heartbreaking news, Erica tries to be a stand-up friend and take sympathy for her love-will-set-me-free homegirl.

Aside from telling her friend's she the other woman, Mimi also finally decides to tell her friends the truth about 'Scandal in Atlanta': the tape was scripted and staged. Apparently Steve Hirsch and company said there wasn't enough footage to sell when they received the tape, so he required Mimi and Nikko to create more -- professional -- footage.

When Ariane and Erica ask why she didn't tell them all this from the beginning, Mimi basically says "because I didn't feel like it." Then in true Faust form, she gets mad when her girls question her about what else she's been lying about. As usual, the girls get the "I had no choice, I did this for my daughter" lecture, but let's look at the facts. Instead of agreeing to create more footage, she could have just said no to everything from the beginning.

Ultimately, someone needs to buy Mimi Faust a theater so she can have several seats.

And to wrap up another great day in Atlanta, Benzino announces Stevie J as his best man, which gets the Good Guy thinking about coming clean about his "sessions" with Althea. After denying ever sleeping with Thi Thi to Joseline and Benzino, Sleazo finally breaks down during a heart-to-heart session with Snoop Dogg in a Los Angeles studio. The highlight of Stevie's confession: not only did he "smash" Althea, he did it in Zino's house. Well, guess she forgot to tell her fiancée that little detail.

Oh, and Karlie likes playing with fire because she decides to let Joc know she bought the rights to their song and took him off the track, but not before inviting him to the video shoot. Silly, Karlie.

Stay tuned for more drama next week.